Monday, April 3, 2017

Light it up blue

Making onsie #2

Making another custom undie onsie for my lil guy today . I have been giving this machine a workout lately. 

#autismom #operationkeepthepoopinthediaper #sewing #onsie #autism #crazycrafter

Sincerely, Jennifer Taylor 

Operation keep the poop in the diaper

Hi all, This is my first time making a big boy underwear onsie. Thanks to @neuspeedvw  on youtube for the great tutorial!  

#autismom #bigboyonsie #autism #specialneeds  #sewing #brothersewingmachine @brothersews #notperfectbutfunctional

Sincerely, Jennifer Taylor 

Nanny's chair rocks!

Nanny's rocking chair is a hit! :)  January 2017~

After we took our tree down my husband brought down the old rocking chair my mil had in her house and gave it tomus when she ran out of room for it. I really miss her so much! 

Jen taylor 

Monday, August 29, 2016

Feeling a lil helpless today

8-29-16 Hi all, i am feeling a lil helpless today. The other night my legs were hurting in the night and i could not get comfortable. I remember tossing and turning so much. Well i must have twisted or did something to my hip because now i can barely stand on it and omg to bending to sit and get up. Needless to say chasing zach my sensory seeking boy around is not an option today.  
Hoping for a better day tomorrow sincerely Jennifer taylor 

Friday, August 26, 2016

3:40 am

Yes 3:40 am. That is the time zach woke up today in his bed giggling. I laid in bed with him in an attempt to get him back to sleep he fell back to sleep at 5am and woke up fotlr the day at 7:30 am . I am so tired!