Monday, August 29, 2016

Feeling a lil helpless today

8-29-16 Hi all, i am feeling a lil helpless today. The other night my legs were hurting in the night and i could not get comfortable. I remember tossing and turning so much. Well i must have twisted or did something to my hip because now i can barely stand on it and omg to bending to sit and get up. Needless to say chasing zach my sensory seeking boy around is not an option today.  
Hoping for a better day tomorrow sincerely Jennifer taylor 

Friday, August 26, 2016

3:40 am

Yes 3:40 am. That is the time zach woke up today in his bed giggling. I laid in bed with him in an attempt to get him back to sleep he fell back to sleep at 5am and woke up fotlr the day at 7:30 am . I am so tired! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

To nap or not to nap

Hi all, my lil guy is 4 and he usually needs a nap but sometimes doesn't take one😡 and of course i get nothing done when that happens. Do yours still nap?  I think because his sleep patterns are so crazy sometimes he really needs one even though he doesn't always take one .
( warning i am rambling and changing topic.. Lol! ) My lil guy has boundless energy and will jump every last bit of energy out til he lays down and falls asleep. Just watching him do this is exhausting. Tommorrow we have a busy day he and his sister have a sensory program at our library and then a swim lesson after lunch. Which means i am sure he will nap tommorrow:)  and maybe  my dh and i will actually get some chores done and the girls ( our 14 and 6 yr old) and i some much needed haircuts.
school starts in 12 and a half days:) yay! ttys!

jen t.  

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Darn the full moon!!

Darn the full moon! It has to mess everything up! Lol! No really it does! For up to a week before a full moon zach will have late naps and shorter sleeping stretches like the night before last he took a late nap and then wouldn't budge at 6,7 pm finally he woke at 8 pm and we didn't go to bed til 2 am. Oh last night he went to bed at midnight..and still woke up for  the day at 7 am . Ugh! These kind of weeks are the most exhausting of all. Yesterday pretty much the same he napped long and this time i fell asleep right after he did while my dh and gorls went swimming. No amount of coffee can keep me awake when i get that tired. 
So to nap or not to nap? Well when it gets too late i try to keep him awake but sometimes the meltdowns and grumpiness gets too much for him and i let him take a late nap. How about you? Oh! I found this calendar online in case ya need to prepare yourself for future full moons. Happy full moon week!!! :( have a coffee for me! 
Talk to ya soon ! 
Jen t. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I get it

Hi all, i am jen taylor. I am neurotypical but i have concluded recently my life is far from it. ( hence my blog title) Some of you may know me from social media as jentmomof3 crafter.  Yup that is me. But what some of you all may or may not know is that i am a mom of three. One of which is autistic. I decided to create this blog to share information and share a lil of my life , our daily trials and triumphs. ( ok and it is a little bit of therapy by getting my thoughts written too)  . So, let's talk about  " I get it" . They are my new favorite words.  To the  friends i have made and met with children or family/friends on the spectrum. Thank you for being a great friend and for always listening and to my dh for keeping me sane.  I am glad you "get it".  I look forward to talking to you again!

Jen t. 

Please be patient with my simple blog template as my blog will get a facelift soon ( so it can be prettier) :)