Tuesday, August 23, 2016

To nap or not to nap

Hi all, my lil guy is 4 and he usually needs a nap but sometimes doesn't take one😡 and of course i get nothing done when that happens. Do yours still nap?  I think because his sleep patterns are so crazy sometimes he really needs one even though he doesn't always take one .
( warning i am rambling and changing topic.. Lol! ) My lil guy has boundless energy and will jump every last bit of energy out til he lays down and falls asleep. Just watching him do this is exhausting. Tommorrow we have a busy day he and his sister have a sensory program at our library and then a swim lesson after lunch. Which means i am sure he will nap tommorrow:)  and maybe  my dh and i will actually get some chores done and the girls ( our 14 and 6 yr old) and i some much needed haircuts.
school starts in 12 and a half days:) yay! ttys!

jen t.  

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