Thursday, August 18, 2016

Darn the full moon!!

Darn the full moon! It has to mess everything up! Lol! No really it does! For up to a week before a full moon zach will have late naps and shorter sleeping stretches like the night before last he took a late nap and then wouldn't budge at 6,7 pm finally he woke at 8 pm and we didn't go to bed til 2 am. Oh last night he went to bed at midnight..and still woke up for  the day at 7 am . Ugh! These kind of weeks are the most exhausting of all. Yesterday pretty much the same he napped long and this time i fell asleep right after he did while my dh and gorls went swimming. No amount of coffee can keep me awake when i get that tired. 
So to nap or not to nap? Well when it gets too late i try to keep him awake but sometimes the meltdowns and grumpiness gets too much for him and i let him take a late nap. How about you? Oh! I found this calendar online in case ya need to prepare yourself for future full moons. Happy full moon week!!! :( have a coffee for me! 
Talk to ya soon ! 
Jen t. 

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